How Nutripuncture® can help to cope with traumas and stress of life
Restoring cellular health for better vitality

Fatigue, anxiety, stress or poor sleep can be signs of reduced cellular health. Restoring cellular communication to optimize cellular health, regain vitality and feel better is simple. Find out more here.

Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Pavla Williams
The Consequences of a Loss In Cellular Regulation

Cellular regulation plays an essential role in health, vitality and well being.
Find out what are the consequences of a loss in cellular communication and regulation.

Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Pavla Williams
Nutripuncture®, a natural approach to help with eating disorders and food compulsion

Nutrition is an essential aspect of health. Not only does the food we eat play an essential role in providing macro and micronutrients necessary for our body to function but the way we eat and its associated behaviors may have a direct impact on the way we ingest, digest and assimilate food. Though all humans have the same biology and physiology, the way our body and cells process and metabolize is unique to our own body, making each of us unique.

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