Nutripuncture®: Nourishing Oral Health from Swallowing to Saliva

Nutripuncture® protocols bring targeted solutions to promote adult swallowing by employing specific sequences. Read this article and understand how Nutripuncture® protocols can help in the prevention and management of dental and oral health challenges.

Cellular Health and Vitality
Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Michelle Nai

In this Interview, the 10th in the series, we meet Michelle Nai, a former lawyer and founder of Soleus, a holistic wellness practice that believes in aligning mind, body, and spirit through aromatherapy and holistic modalities.

Cellular Sefl-Regulation
Psoriasis, a global skin disease

Psoriasis is a global skin disease that reduces the quality of life of sufferers. The use of simple micro mineral blends has shown very promising results in the reduction of psoriasis symptoms and can change your life. Find out more on this natural solution and the result of the clinical trial conducted.

Cellular Sefl-Regulation
Nutripuncture® Basic Trainings:
Guide to Learning Nutripuncture®

Discover the main principles and basic applications of Nutripuncture® and become a certified Nutripuncture® practitioner.

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